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Adventure through the scenic countryside of Williamsport, TN, from the saddle, on one of our amazing horses. We will take you back to a time when peace and quiet was easy to find. On our rides, part of the adventure is really learning how to maneuver the trails with your horse and finding a connection with them. 

Riders must an evaluation from our instructors in order to go out into the field. Students’ experience levels will determine the type of ride that we take.

Why Trail Riding

If you’re a beginner rider or just looking to relax the trail is an amazing place to learn. Develop communication skills with horses. Learn things like steering, body communication, and more.

For experienced riders, because the environment on a trail is constantly changing, it really gives you a chance to learn so many new things. There’s nothing like the wide-open spaces out there to help you develop existing skills as well.

Albert Einstein wrote “look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better”. We hope you’ll come take a look at nature from our perspective.

What to Expect

Available Options

1 Hr

For riders who want to learn the basics and then go out for an adventure with your guide. Best for people who haven’t been before or it’s been a long time.

2 Hr

For riders who want a true horse riding experience that are looking for a longer time out on the horse.


Really awesome for couples, double-dating, girl get togethers, bro rides, and more. It’s the experience of the 1 hour trail ride, followed by champagne, whiskey, and snacks on the farm


Please contact us for current pricing.

Weather appropriate clothes, long pants, closed shoes that have a heel on them (boots if you’ve got them).

We will work with you to reschedule if we aren’t able to ride on the day that you’ve chosen.

Anyone typically above the age of 5 and under 300lbs.

None! We can teach you the basics and then learn more as we go. We can help you feel more comfortable, especially if its your first time.

We can take 10 in total, if your party exceeds this number, please call for more information.

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Our Location

3509 Williamsport Pike
Williamsport, TN 38487

Our Location

3509 Williamsport Pike
Williamsport, TN 38487